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By alpinetree81691090, Oct 5 2018 04:49PM

Fall is the time to RESTORE and PREPARE your trees for the impending winter months!

Arborists Advice from the International Society of Arboriculture:

Prune: Fall is a great time to prune your trees as trees are dormant in the colder months AND it is easier to see a tree’s structure since there are fewer leaves on the branches. Proper pruning is essential to the health of trees because it relieves stress and help them continue to grow.

Plant: Fall is the best time to plant new trees as temperatures are cool and there is less chance of stress from extreme temperatures or drought. Planting in the fall gives newly planted trees a chance to build root mass and prepare for winter dormancy. Balled and burlapped trees should be planted early in the season while bare root plants should be planted in late fall when they are completely dormant

Fertilize: To help make sure your trees gain nutrients during the hot summer months and continue to feed over the cold winter, apply a slow-release fertilizer to replace nutrients and improve resistance to damage from disease, insects, and stressful weather.

Hydrate: Make sure your trees are well hydrated throughout the freezing winter by giving them a big drink of water in the fall. If you do not have an irrigation system, consider subsurface watering. Through this method, water is injected through an injection probe throughout the top 12 inches of soil-the area your trees need water the most.

Mulch: Make sure you have enough composted mulch under your tree in the fall to help retain water and reduce temperature extremes in the soil. A thin layer of mulch will act like a blanket and give the tree’s a little extra protection.

By guest, Mar 8 2018 02:24PM

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